Take a Bite Out of Advertising With White Shark Media

Gary Garth is CEO of White Shark Media. White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that is designed to help small and medium businesses with marketing problems. Their goal is to help businesses grow through online means.

Founded in 2011, White Shark Media has experience with offline and online marketing. Their goal was to give outstanding service and products. The company has grown to employ over 150 employees, covering three countries.

Collaborating with Google to develop a more intense support, allowed White Shark Media to grow and develop exponentially. White Shark Media is a search engine marketing company that delivers high quality advise to small and medium businesses in order to determine weaknesses and strengths in the marketing sector of each business. For one flat fee, White Shark Media will evaluate your company’s marketing plan and develop ways to improve it. They focus on service lines, industry focus, and client focus. Using references and reviews allows White Shark to conduct client surveys and produce feedback. From this feedback, whether it is negative or positive, White Shark can produce very useful and important information about the perception of each company. This enables White Shark to develop a better marketing plan to sell each company’s products.

Another aspect of successful sales is marketing presence. Determining if a company’s information is concise and clear while also providing a high quality of information is important to the success of a business. White Shark Media has a combined collection of years experience in marketing. With a collaborative marketing plan that includes all of the important aspects each share holder regards as important, this made for a very in depth and thorough strategy to use to evaluate each company with. This enables White Shark Media to bring a concise strategic plan to improve each company’s growth.

George Soros Did Not Contribute $33 Million to the BLM Movement


There has been a very specific rumor going around about George Soros. This rumor is being spread by conspiracy theorists and some mainstream outlets. The rumor is that George Soros is bankrolling the Black Lives Matter movement. This idea has been mentioned on several social media sites, on right-wing blogs, and even on some general interest sites. The rumor was even more widely spread when it was publicized on The O’Reilly Factor, a Fox News ratings powerhouse.

Bill O’Reilly had Kelly Riddell as a guest on the show. Kelly Riddell wrote a popular investigative report for The Washington Times in 2015 that featured information about George Soros’ charity ties to left-wing organizations. During their discussion, Riddle mentioned that three women, Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi, started the Black Lives Matter movement. These three women work for organizations that are in some way or another funded by George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, when it is looked at from a certain angle. Riddle specifically mentioned that within one year, $33 million had been dedicated by George Soros to the types of organizations that the three activist women work for. Bill O’Reilly mentioned that the $33 million that came from Soros was given to agitators who were organized to disrupt. He specifically pointed to the national convention for the Republicans that took place in Cleveland as a target.

These allegations were put to rest by Ken Zimmerman. He is the director of the US programs at Open Society Foundations. He mentioned that he did not know where the rumor came from or why anyone would concede such a thing, but he said that it was not true. He also put to rest on another potential rumor that was going around.

There are some writers who have speculated that George Soros played a role in the Black Lives Matter protests of Sen. Bernie Sanders. Sanders was gaining considerable ground over Hillary Clinton at that time. It has been estimated that George Soros has raised more than $2 million in campaign money for Hillary Clinton. This is yet another idea that has been put to rest by Ken Zimmerman. In an interview with The Daily Beast, he mentioned that George Soros and his organizations are not in the business of funding protests. However, he did mention that they were interested in criminal justice reform and immigration and a wide variety of voices that would express those and other issues.

Zimmerman mentioned in his interview with The Daily Beast that George Soros giving $33 million to Black Lives Matter was ‘rumor stew.’ He had no idea how someone could tally up that number and then combine them with the BLM movement.

Women Aren’t The Only Ones Accessorizing

Going on a shopping trip has often historically been an activity largely enjoyed by women. Malls can be found packed with women trying to find that perfect outfit or maybe just that perfect accessory to bring their outfit to the next level. If a man was spotted in the mist of the chaos it would often be because he was being forced or voluntarily accompanying a date, or maybe a little sister. Well, times have definitely changed. Men aren’t necessarily going out to the store to shop but they are however shopping more.

In fact the changes in the way we shop as a society has made shopping more appealing to men. Menswear has seen more growth in eCommerce than any other category. Men prefer shopping online than in brook-and-mortar shops. The online experience allows men to quickly look through a selection of inventory to find what they want from the comfort of their own home. Online retailers are also now providing perks like free shipping and great return policies so men can make sure they get the right fit. The absence of needing a physical building also provides an opportunity for online retailers to lower their prices, which also makes online shopping more appealing to men. Someone who understands the power of online shopping for men is Paul Evans.

Paul Evans understood the frustrations of shopping with traditional retailers so he sought out to change the shopping experience for men in the market for a good pair of italian shoes on paulevansny. Paul Evans created comfortable, stylish shoes at a good price! How did he do it? The magic is in his business model which caters to the new presence of men in eCommerce.

Paul Evans is able to provide high quality italian shoes at affordable prices by eliminating the middle man and only operating online. By doing this his company does not have to worry about unexpected fees from the middle man or typical overhead cost such as rent and utilities that come with operating a business. Paul Evan’s business is the perfect example of a company that is making it easier for men to dress better. A man does not have to go to several shoe stores in search of the right shoes to complete his outfit. However, because of the internet he also doesn’t have to resort to just wearing the same pair of old shoes he usually wears. Times are changing and women aren’t the only ones accessorizing!

The information in this article about the rise in men shopping is a summary of a Business Insider article, “There is a reason why men are dressing better”. The link is included below.

Madison Street Capital: Improving Businesses An Opinion At A Time

In recent years, business finance has seen notable changes and it’s expected to continue into the future. This has urged those entrusted with a company’s fiduciary duties to exercise extreme care when taking a decision. In fact, it’s always sensible to seek a professional opinion on all matters pertaining to business finance. Of course, certain transactions call for due diligence, depending on the condition and complexity among other elements. It’s especially necessary to consider such an approach should a business transaction impact a company’s finance. Furthermore, it’s of paramount importance to work with a true financial advisor. Madison Street Capital makes an excellent candidate.

With a decade-long history of helping middle-market businesses make the best financial decision, Madison Street Capital has crafted an impressive reputation. This investment banking boutique has a dependable team of talented professionals known for their extensive industry expertise and knowledge. It offers expert financial opinions, corporate advisory consultation, financial reporting and business valuation. Madison Street Capital takes the time to understand every client’s uniqueness and suggestion definite solutions to reach an appreciable outcome.

Whether a company needs an expert opinion on an M/A (Merger and Acquisition) related matter, financial advice or personal guidance, Madison Street Capital can help. It’s handled numerous cases involving business acquisitions, exit strategy ideation and more. Currently, the firm extends its expertise to businesses on the local and global landscape. This is possible through its fast-growing global network spread across Asia, North America, and Africa. Businesses face one-of-a-kind emergencies and need an urgent solution that might surpass their limited expertise. With Madison Street Capital on their side, they’re in a better position to take a decision with the company’s best interest in mind. This Chicago-based investment firm can take of business affairs ranging from bankruptcy, capital reorganization and buyouts as well.

Why Dogs Love Beneful

The Beneful brand may be the best thing on the market. This is one those brands that consumers like myself trust because it has been around for so long. My dogs love the taste, and I love the price.

Beneful Healthy Weight

When it comes to the healthy weight of the dog I believe that Beneful may be the best with lighter calorie meals. I really had no idea did this type of thing existed, but I was intrigued to learn that there were healthy choices for dogs that appeared to be overweight. My girlfriend had a dog that was overweight, and I research this Beneful and recommended this for her. She stated that it had me going very well with his brand and she would continue to use it.

Beneful Originals

As a new dog owner I started out with Beneful Originals. This was one of the early brands from the Beneful company, and I thought that my dogs really loved it. It was the basic flavor before things started going into the variety.

Beneful Incredibites with Real Chicken

This is a brand that has continued to be a bestseller for Beneful. It is for the energetic dogs. I have seen this in pet stores, and people have recommended this for me. I have some small dogs that are really hyper. The food is great for hyperactive pets.

Chicken Stew Prepared Meals By Beneful

This is another meal that my dog in to really break. It has become one of the staples in our home because the dogs always tend to run towards it when ever I put it in their dog bowls. It seems to be a real treat for them so I have continued to buy from this company. I think that it is also one of the better products made be Beneful. Most people that buy products for dog will never look at the label. During my time as a dog owner, however, I have been a big fan of checking out the ingredients and I believe that this brand has some of the best.

Beneful makes a lot of Twitter consumers happy because they continue to make a lot of different varieties. This is the company that has been around for long time and it is trusted. I think they have been successful at most of their endeavors and I hope that the creators stay innovative.





Beneful Product Selection

Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight helps an adult dog to maintain weight and still be able to taste an appetizing meal. It is made with real chicken and includes green beans, apples, and carrots. It has a great calorie maintained recipe. Healthy Weight is also a great balance of crunchy and tender 100% nutrients. It provides a beneficial way to maintain weight in a stable and healthy way. For an individual who owns a developing puppy Beneful also provides the product Beneful Healthy Puppy Dry Dog Food. This is a very beneficial type of dry dog food for any growing puppy. It contains a very rich based calcium formula. It also helps a puppy to continue to thrive regularly due to the nutrients provided and DHA. The nutrients and DHA provided in Beneful Healthy Puppy helps to support developing vision and positive brain development for a growing puppy. It contains chicken, carrots, and peas. Some puppies or dogs prefer wet dog food rather than dry. Beneful also provides a variety of wet dog food. Chopped Blends provides a very wholesome taste. This wet dog food contains finely sliced tomatoes, beef, carrots, and wild rice. This product packs a big taste and a very enjoyable texture for your puppy or dog to devour during mealtime. Beneful along with dry and wet dog food also provides dog treats. Healthy Smile Dental Ridges come in a variety of selections to choose from. The Healthy Smile Dental Ridges help to decrease plaque and decrease amounts of tarter in the mouth, help to maintain strong bones and teeth, and helps to freshen the breath. These types of dog treats are made of meats in the middle and also contain parsley. Packaging for Beneful dog treats come in mini and large. Beneful also provides a product on Amazon called Beneful Baked Delights. Baked Delights are sure to make any dog wag his or her tail and put a smile on his or her face. These products are baked in the oven and have a soft shortbread taste. Some of the Baked Delights are filled with some flavorful type of jelly and meat. Others are filled with beef and cheese. Beneful also has Delights that are filled with peanut butter. Overall, Beneful is a healthy and beneficial product to consider when wanting the best for the well- being of your puppy or dog.

Beneful Dog Food Proudly Supports Dog Park Projects

U.S. Dogs and Owners Receive Support From Beneful
This story was originally reported on PR Newswire. The Beneful team is providing their solid support for dog park projects for U.S. dogs and their owners. Beneful is supporting the crowdfunding campaigns. They will work with community leaders along with groups involved in fundraising. The goal is to bring new dog parks to areas and ensure that any existing ones obtain any needed improvements. This will be accomplished through the following methods:
* hands-on volunteerism
* financial support
*shared dog park expertise

Beneful is supporting the dog park efforts in order to honor and celebrate the fifth year of the Dream Dog Park Program.

Beneful Understands the Dog Lover
Beneful really does have a deep understanding for dogs and for those who love them. This is the reason on purina.com that dog parks and the Dream Park program is so special to Beneful. This is a company that does realize that a dog and their owner have an important connection and bond that is solid. This Dog Park Program has enabled Beneful to connect with numerous dog-loving communities all across the country.

Looking for Opportunities
The Beneful on petco team is currently looking all over the country for opportunities to make doggie dreams waken and come to life. The goal is to assist in starting a new project. Beneful would like the opportunity to help improve a dog park in need of refreshing or enhancing. The team would like to share all that they have learned about making a dogs dream park come true. They are looking for opportunities to share their expertise while adding value to a community. Beneful is passionate about dogs and dog parks. They are looking to work together to create wonderful parks for all beloved dogs to enjoy.

Earth Force’s Fundraising Drive, Led By Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana, the Denver based current Head of Business Development for Ellipse USA, has just used a Facebook post to announce his support for a new Earth Force campaign on GoFundMe. Urbana has long been involved with charitable causes and events, such as his role in the founding of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, a center in Colorado that handles the summer training of young lacrosse players.

Activism Is On The Agenda For Urbana And Earth Force

His recent sponsorship shown on Crunchbase, and support of the Earth Force program, goes hand in hand with Urbana’s long time commitment to such organizations, all of which are chronicled on LinkedIn. The purpose of Earth Force is to provide youth with knowledge and organizational skills when it comes to the vitally important task of preserving the natural resources of our Earth and restoring its natural balance and beauty.

As such, activism is certainly on the agenda for Earth Force and Urbana alike. The combination of education, conservationism, and participation in public and political initiatives that Earth Force sponsors is an intriguing combination that has certainly caught the eye of many committed activists and community leaders all across the nation. And plenty of Urbana’s followers on Instagram @jonurbana are waking up to the cause.

Leadership And Activist Skills Go Hand In Hand

As a former member of the nationally renowned Villanova Wildcats lacrosse team, Urbana certainly knows the value of leadership and team participation, especially when he’s piloting an airplane with his FAA Airmen’s Certificate. It is these very traits that make him a natural contributor to the Earth Force campaign, as well as a welcoming beacon to those generous donors who will follow in his wake.

The entire purpose of Earth Force, as noted above, is to train a whole new generation of activists and community organizers to take a leading role in the stewardship and beautification of the planet. Urbana chose this charity since it’s a favorite of his young campers at Next Level Lacrosse Camp. He sums it up neatly in this quick read (embedded below).

It is this spirit of pride and community exhibited by Urbana, and echoed on his WordPress blog (My thoughts in so many words) that can help the organization do its part in leaving the world a safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable place.

The Power Of Internet Funding

The power of Internet fund raising is certainly a unique and welcome phenomenon. Supporters of charitable causes, such as Earth Force and others, can contribute quickly, and in a manner as public or private as they wish. The example set by Urbana is truly heartening in this regard.

Beneful’s Nutrients: A Quick Breakdown

The nutrients in Beneful are what dogs need to keep up their energy. Dogs are such active creatures that love to run around, go for walks, play fetch, and so many more activities. They need a food that can keep up with their busy lifestyles. That food is Beneful. Beneful gives them what they need to stay happy and healthy. There are a lot of other perks, as well. Beneful helps dogs to have a shiny coat, strong bones, and a healthy smile. Beneful is made by a team of experts. Scientists and nutritionists and other people working in the veterinarian field teamed up to create this product that gives dogs what they need to live a long and happy life. These individuals back their product so much so that they feed it to their own pets! They know just what to put in a product to take care of a dog. Their formula has been working. Dogs who eat Beneful, no matter if it’s the dry food version, wet food version, or treats, are all happier and healthier. They have experience a brand of food that not only tastes good to them but it’s also giving them all the nutrients they need. That’s enough to make any dog happy and it’s certainly enough to make their owner happy, as well.

The Man in the Mirror

Michael Jackson will forever be known to us as the King of Pop. His death came as a shock to the entire music world, and the impact he made on the music industry as a whole will never be forgotten. Luckily, there is still a way to enjoy the stage presence of Michael Jackson in a new way. Sergio Cortes is a Michael Jackson impersonator being described as a “top notch” performer.
When Sergio Cortes was younger, he found a love for Micheal Jackson’s music and incredible stage presence. He was simply hooked. He began studying Michael Jackson’s videos and music, not even realizing this would lead him to a career of impersonating. He shot to fame seemingly overnight when one day a reporter noticed his resemblance to the King and asked to publish a picture in the newspaper. After Cortes agreed, the picture ran, and he became a media sensation. Shortly thereafter, a management company approached Cortes, asking him if he might be interested in doing a stage performance in which he imitated Jackson. Cortes happily agreed, and it was that contract that began his impersonating career.

Now known as one of the most authentic Michael Jackson impersonators, Cortes is gaining traction and notoriety in the entertainment industry. Although born and currently residing in Barcelona, Spain, Sergio Cortes now has thousands of fans liking and commenting his every post on Facebook. He is the man responsible for the famous tribute shows all throughout Brazil, and he has gained quite a following there. Cortes began his tribute shows in 2012 when he hosted a show in Madrid, Spain. This led him to Brazil and South America, where he seemingly skyrocketed to fame. His career is still relatively young, but Sergio Cortes has already filled concert halls and stadiums with fans wanting to see a little MJ revival. He has already recreated almost all of Michael Jackson’s songs, music videos, and choreography, but there is still more to come.

Cortes has made appearances on numerous news segments and even some talk shows. He recently appeared on The Wendy Williams Show in the United States. With over 9000 likes on Facebook and people constantly discussing his upcoming tours, it is clear that while the King of Pop may no longer be with us, his legacy is living on and bringing great entertainment to his ever-loving and loyal fans.