IAP Worldwide Services Have Expanded With Their Acquisition Of Two Unique Companies

According to prnewswire, IAP Worldwide Services, a leading provider of global level logistics, management of facilities, and elite professional and technical ministration, has acquired two companies, the DRS Technologies, Inc.’s Aviation and Logistics corporation and the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions corporation, as part of a long-term expansion strategy. DRS Technologies, Inc., located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma provides repair management for aircrafts as well as mission support services and logistics for the government. The Tactical Communications & Network Solutions, located in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, supplies the U.S. Department of Defense, along with other government agencies, with support solutions regarding communications, information technology and engineering situations. IAP Worldwide Services acquired both of these companies for unique reasons, planning to integrate each companies unparalleled attributes and capabilities into a seamless concept.

The two newly acquired corporations are being merged together into both IAP’s National Security Programs unit and their new Aviation & Engineering Solution unit. The acquisition more than doubles IAP’s attainable market while broadening their service capacity in order to include a fully global market. In fact, according to the CEO of IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., Doug Kitani, “The addition of these aviation, communication and networking technologies businesses from DRS are a natural fit for IAP, expanding our portfolio of services and solutions to U.S. and international government agencies and organizations.”

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IAP already has made significant contributions to the American government, having played a critical role int he development of the air traffic system established in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom, the Kabul Air Control Center. IAP, by way of the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program, aligned with the U.S. Air Force in order to create mew airways and establish all aspects of the communication systems. This revitalization of the aviation infrastructure in Afghanistan was pivotal in the restructuring of the country and the maintenance of their integrity as one.

Kitani further mentioned that they established their strategy based on organic growth through customer-focused discipline, lean operations, and innovation in our core government services segment, and inorganic growth realized by acquiring and integrating companies that complement our core business.” Further adding that the purchase of these two businesses is an example of the level of sustainment and commitment that the board and the investors have towards being servants to the government as their customers.

IAP Worldwide Services has been the leader in international services for more than half of a decade. The provide a wide assortment of services to the American government as well as international agencies and organizations. Thy currently have over 100 facilities located in 20 countries globally, with additional offices located in the Middle East, the United Kingdom and Washington D.C.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=10062694

Why a Reputation Management Company Performs Well

The Status Labs difference is all in how they help people, and it is something that people will notice when they contact the company for help. Darius Fisher knows what it is like to manage a crisis of reputation online, and it is also important for the client to feel like they are getting what they pay for. Someone who is trying to get good results has to be sure that they have really thought this out, and someone who comes to Darius Fisher will see a Status Labs team behind him that can take care of everything.

Darius Fisher is a great leader for the company because he is the founder of a new kind of public relations that is known as online reputation management. Online reputation management is important because it uses public relations online to make sure that people who are reading about the company will have a better image of them. It helps to make sure that the client can see they are getting better results, and Darius Fisher is leading his team every day to find out what is most helpful. He wants to be sure he is doing the right thing, and he will change if he has to.

Someone who wants to be sure that they are getting the help that they need should work with Darius Fisher. He has a plan that helps people when they need it most, and he makes sure that someone is going to be in a place that they feel like they are getting best results. Best results are easy to find when Status Labs is helping with the problems that are happening, and the results get better because Darius Fisher can make them better. He is a brilliant man who knows what it takes to wash the slate clean.

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The Midas Legacy: How To Choose The Right Wealth Management Firm

Are you looking for a reputable company for your wealth management and financial services needs? Do you want to choose a company that has a an established history of rendering high quality services? Perhaps you have been told that The Midas Legacy is your clear choice for all issues related to wealth management, asset protection, investing and much more.

It’s true – The Midas Legacy is a great company with a team of highly renowned professionals. The company has been around for years and has a great reputation in the industry. With thousands of members around the world, The Midas Legacy surely knows what they are doing. Customers and clients are always talking about how they have been learning a lot and improving their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

If you are serious about starting your own business, investing wisely in a successful business or in the stock market, you will need to become a member of the The Midas Legacy right away. Many people are benefiting immensely and are raving about the company and the vast range of valuable resources they provide.

If you are interested in asset management these professionals can help you perform the necessary research and show you how to create a portfolio of assets that will grow and maximum upside profit potential. Proper asset management and quality wealth building advisory can help you become financially independent and change your life.

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If you are looking for information on how to prevent health problems, maintain your health or boost the level and quality of your health, then The Midas Legacy is certainly a great team to provide you with a wealth of information on such topic.

Your membership will provide you access to a wide range of informative articles and you can also find books, courses and training materials to guide you step-by-step through the entire process of starting a business or investment to growing your assets and reaching the financial success or wealth building level you desire. And you won’t be stranded as there will be experts to address any issues you may have along the way to your financial freedom.

It is advisable to learn more about The Midas Legacy and put the information to work for you. Visit The Midas Legacy at their website, browse around and get in touch with them for more details if you have any questions.

The Partial DIY Guide To Entrepreneur Online Reputation Management

Entrepreneurs partnerships play a major role when hoping to achieve success. Few people can succeed solely on their own. The self-employed do realize they must do a lot on their own. Only so much can be delegated. Reading Forbes is a great step towards effective self-education. A recent article published on the publications website has a great deal of solid advice for entrepreneurs wondering how to engage in effective steps for online reputation management.

Creating a good presence online is among the advice offered in the article. Having one social media platform is better than nothing, but maintaining an active presence on several different social media platforms is better. Active means keeping content updated and current. Being inconsistent with the production of content on websites, social media, or blogs leads customers to forget about a good business.

Speaking of websites, acquiring several domains to craft a larger online presence helps immensely. The more online platforms an entrepreneurs name is associated with, the more eyes are going to see it. Consider this a good reason why publishing public relations releases online is a good strategy. PR releases absolutely help people know what a particular entrepreneur or business is up to.

Search engine optimization definitely aids the goal of drawing more eyes to an online presence. The better positioned one is in the search engines, the more potential customers are going to learn about it.

Reviews do have to be managed. That means bad reviews cannot be ignored. Unfair bad reviews can lead many to see red. Don’t lose control over a bad review. Work with a service such as Searchcleanup.com to clean up your online reputation.

Getting upset or angry over content published on the internet is not worth the energy expenditure. A person who wallows in anger over the accuracy or inaccuracy of search engine content is simply taking time away from other, more important endeavors. Business owners should be more focused on marketing strategies than seeing red over Google results. Among those marketing strategies would be to remove negative reviews with a solid company such as Searchcleanup.com.

Humanitarian Risk-taker: Visions of Malini Saba

Her motto is “trust your gut and believe in yourself“. She’s inspired millions of women for over 20 years, assisting them in changing their lives for the better. Her wildly successful venture capital company holds investment interests all over the world. Her non-profit organization and philanthropic endeavors allow for health care, education, heart research, disaster relief and legal and personal empowerment for women and children. She’s an attractive woman and a loving mother to a young daughter. Her name is Malini Saba.

A self-described risk-taker, Malini Saba never lets go of a dream. A child of Sri Lankan parents, she grew up in Malaysia and Australia before moving to California at the age of 19. As a psychology student at the University of Stanford, she got bit by the business marketing and venture investment bug. Immediately she went about educating herself and mastering the field. When she couldn’t find a venture capital firm to hire her she started her own. Malini partially credits the success of this business, Saban, and her non-profit group, Stree, with her “never stop what you believe in” attitude. Malini intuitively sees the fluctuation of business marketing trends before they occur and moves in the opposite direction. It’s her natural tendency to envision where the world will be in 3-5 years and to act and plan accordingly now. Her work ethic is tough. She expects a great deal, but gives understanding and empathy back. She treats her employees and various staffs with respect, making every effort to understand their day to day experiences as they enable her visions for the future to manifest.

Except for a brief foray into another business opportunity, Malini has always been her own boss. In spite of this, time changes that affect business and a desire to walk her daughter to school have her awake at 5 am each day. Not one to use a nanny, she’s a hands on mom regardless of her busy schedule. No matter what else is going on, she never, ever relinquishes the opportunity to pick her daughter up from school at 3 pm.

Talking with and spending time with her child is Malini’s highest priority. That kind of structure matched with her natural sensitivity to others creates a strong base from which to extend her helping hands to the world. She never gives up. She never backs down. She’s a warrior fighting for the empowerment women and children. She’s a mom. Malini is a successful self-made business woman. Malini Saba is a force to be reckoned with.


Adam Goldenberg: An Innovative Business Professional

In today’s world, more and more business professionals find themselves looking for ways to create businesses that are innovative and progressive. However, while many try to accomplish this, few meet their goal. However, one person who has met and surpassed this goal is Adam Goldenberg. As the co-founder and co-CEO of the revolutionary fashion business JustFab, Adam has spent his professional life creating and implementing business ideas that have been far ahead of their time.

Having been an entrepreneur since age 15, Adam Goldenberg knows all about the hard work and sacrifice involved in achieving one’s dreams. Never being one to get discouraged, Adam has constantly been on the lookout for ways to improve whatever business he was involved with at the time. Because of this approach to his business career, Adam blew the minds of those in the know when at age 20 he became the youngest COO of a publicly traded company on businessoffashion.com. In doing so, he set the stage for what has turned out to be a stellar career thus far as one of the world’s truly innovative entrepreneurs.

When planning JustFab, Adam Goldenberg knew that while he had plenty of ideas for the business, he also needed expert advice in such areas as style, design, and creativity. To accomplish this, he developed a detailed strategic plan for the business and then set out to consult with many of the fashion industry’s leading experts. Always willing to ask whatever question is on his mind at the time, Adam learned more about the industry in a few months than most people ever do over a lifetime. Thus, when JustFab was launched, Adam Goldenberg was more than ready for success, and that is just what he got. Almost instantly, customers flocked to the popular e-commerce site not only to purchase merchandise, but interact with one another as well. By adding this unique feature to his business, Adam made it stand out from the competition and immediately become one of the world’s hottest businesses.

With the success he is enjoying with JustFab, Adam knows he has developed yet another business that is sure to thrive for many years to come. However, that has not stopped him from trying to make it even better. Increased opportunities for customer interaction, along with continually looking for the latest merchandise to offer customers, have made Adam even more determined to see JustFab become a business for the ages. Source: http://www.builtinla.com/2014/01/18/3-la-ceos-you-need-know-now-adam-goldenberg-justfab

Medicare Advantage Plan providers

Medicare Advantage Plan enables individuals with Medicare to get their health coverage through the program. The plans are sold by insurance companies, and it is a requirement for it to cover both part A and Part B benefits as seen in the Original Medicare. Extra coverages such as dental care and vision programs can also be covered. Different types of Medicare Advantage Plans are in existence, and the most common three plans include the Health Maintenance Organization (HMOs), the Preferred Providers Organization (PPOs), and the Private-Free-For-Service (PFFS). Individuals covered by the Medicare Advantage Plan are expected to pay a copay for every office visit. They also pay Medicare Advantage Plan premiums and also extra charges may also be charged.

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InnovaCare Health’s Medicare Advantage Plan provides health benefits to seniors regarding both emotional and physical well-being. The services offered by the health insurance providers aims at improving the overall quality of life of their clients. The organization boasts of a satisfaction rating of 99 percent. The company was also rated highly on the preventive screening measures and health management among its beneficiaries. The InnovaCare Health are achieving great success in the industry, and much of its success is as a result of a competent team of professionals. InnovaCare managed care providers also offers the physician practice services. The facility runs a medical service organization known as MSO of Puerto Inc.

The company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Rick Shinto is experienced in matters of clinical and operational healthcare management. Dr. Shinto has served as Chief Executive Officer for various institutions including Aveta Inc. and NAMM California. He has also worked at Medical Pathways Management Company as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer. Richard Shinto started his medical career as an internist practicing in Southern California. He is also an author having written several articles on clinical medicine and health care. He attended the University of California from where he received his B.S. He graduated with his medical degree from the University of New York located at Stony Brook. Dr. Shinto also has an M.B.A from the University of Redlands.

Penelope Kokkinides is InnovaCare’s Chief Administrative Officer. Before rejoining the institution in 2015, she served as the Chief Operating Officer at Aveta Inc. Penelope also held the position of Vice President of Clinical Operations. She has a vast experience having worked for more than 20 years in government programs and the managed care industry. She used to serve as the Executive Vice President at Centerlight Healthcare before she rejoined InnovaCare, Inc. 

Learn more about InnovaCare Health: http://innovacarehealth.com/leadership/

Andy Wirth Praises Withdrawal of Incorporation Bid

It has not been the best time for residents of Lake Tahoe. A combination of mother nature and the attempts of incorporation of their home by wealthy business men have made for a nightmare.
Originally reported by the Reno-Gazette Journal, it was one of the largest droughts in history for Lake Tahoe that was the deciding factor in pushing out the backers of the incorporation.

Andy Wirth, president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings explains why the citizens were so against incorporation of the area. Taxes would have been raised on anyone living in the area. “It was truly a recipe for disaster.” he went on to say.

Incorporation backs lashed out at Wirth claiming that his own business motives were his reason for opposing their bid. Regardless of Wirth’s motives, the impact it would have had on citizens of the area were all too real.

Andy Worth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Sky holdings, he also resides as president of the company. As one of the biggest contributors to the community of Lake Tahoe, he focuses his time on improving the entire area. His goal is to make sure that children and adults of any age can have fun in the area.

As well as being a local business man and one of the heads of the community of Lake Tahoe, he was appointed chairmen of the Reno airport board. Prior to this appointment he was a part of the RSCVA Board. They recognized his past successes and cited them as the reason he was chosen.

His career is not limited to making money. He also likes to give back. After a near death experience due to a skydiving accident, Andy Wirth played his part in founding the “Wounded Warrior Support.” A charity that honors the men who served in the Navy SEALs.

He works along side the Navy SEAL Foundation to provide any help to the families and members of the Navy SEALs upon their return.

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