Andy Wirth Praises Withdrawal of Incorporation Bid

It has not been the best time for residents of Lake Tahoe. A combination of mother nature and the attempts of incorporation of their home by wealthy business men have made for a nightmare.
Originally reported by the Reno-Gazette Journal, it was one of the largest droughts in history for Lake Tahoe that was the deciding factor in pushing out the backers of the incorporation.

Andy Wirth, president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings explains why the citizens were so against incorporation of the area. Taxes would have been raised on anyone living in the area. “It was truly a recipe for disaster.” he went on to say.

Incorporation backs lashed out at Wirth claiming that his own business motives were his reason for opposing their bid. Regardless of Wirth’s motives, the impact it would have had on citizens of the area were all too real.

Andy Worth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Sky holdings, he also resides as president of the company. As one of the biggest contributors to the community of Lake Tahoe, he focuses his time on improving the entire area. His goal is to make sure that children and adults of any age can have fun in the area.

As well as being a local business man and one of the heads of the community of Lake Tahoe, he was appointed chairmen of the Reno airport board. Prior to this appointment he was a part of the RSCVA Board. They recognized his past successes and cited them as the reason he was chosen.

His career is not limited to making money. He also likes to give back. After a near death experience due to a skydiving accident, Andy Wirth played his part in founding the “Wounded Warrior Support.” A charity that honors the men who served in the Navy SEALs.

He works along side the Navy SEAL Foundation to provide any help to the families and members of the Navy SEALs upon their return.

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